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Apps – Measuring Instrument

Precision and compact Strain Wave Gearing actuators find wide use in optical spectrum analyzers, multi-axis laser systems, and other measuring instruments providing micro-motion control.

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Apps – Electronic Equipment

Precise transmission of motion is of paramount importance to ensuring the precision feed and indexing essential to equipment utilized in the production of microscopic electronic parts. Strain Wave Gearing transmissions are being utilized in the drive mechanisms of such equipment to improve positional accuracy and smooth operational speeds.

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Apps – Printing Presses

Strain Wave Gearing is unsurpassed in performance and flexibility in applications requiring controlled variable speed and phasing of rotating shafts, and its compact size makes for effective stream-lining of these operations. In multiple-color offset rotary printing presses, synchronized rotating rollers apply ink of various colors to designated patterns. If any roller moves out of alignment, […]

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Apps – Machine Tools

Noted for its mechanical efficiency, precision and reliable service life, Strain Wave Gearing has become a standard component in the necessarily reliable drive systems of a variety of machine tools including grinding machines, NC lathes and electro-discharge machines. The basic requirements for a drive system in machine tools are mechanical efficiency, precision and a reliable […]

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Apps – Industrial Robots

The ever progressing technology in robotics in the ag of flexible factory automation requires,among other things, precision drive mechanisms and control systems capable of achieving high rotational and positional accuracy under complex operating conditions. Strain Wave Gearing transmissions, based on a unique operating principle and with performances unequalled by conventional mechanisms, have been widely utilized […]

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Apps – Aerospace

Due to Strain Wave Gearing has many advantages, such as Low weight, Small envelope, High torque capacity, Exceptional repeatability, Wide operating temperature range, and Vacuum operation possible… Solutions for satellite actuators, aircraft, ground support, tracking devices for both military and commercial applications.

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