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Apps – Industrial Robots

The ever progressing technology in robotics in the ag of flexible factory automation requires,among other things, precision drive mechanisms and control systems capable of achieving high rotational and positional accuracy under complex operating conditions. Strain Wave Gearing transmissions, based on a unique operating principle and with performances unequalled by conventional mechanisms, have been widely utilized in multi-jointed electro-mechanical and hydro-mechanical robots to rotate the body, rase and lower the arms, bend the elbows and rotate the wrists.



The lightweight, compact, mechanically simple Strain Wave Gearing transmissions have made it possible to make the overall size of the robot small. In order to assure the smooth movenment and accurate, precise positioning essential to robot drive mechanisms, Strain Wave Gearing units undergo various test under simulated conditions to improve their performance, and are subjected to rigorous inspection before shipment from the factory.

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